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Three ways to add value to your sales process

New York-based eMarketer's report predicts total U.S. retail sales will rise 4.1% including a 2.6% rise in in-store sales.

Counterfeit Fraud at U.S. Chip-Enabled Merchants Down 75% 

The Unwelcome Guest: Best Practices to Improve Security of Hospitality POS Systems

No Signatures Required: MasterCard, Visa, AmEx and Discover Ditching Signatures 

EMV-Accepting Merchant Tally at 2 Million

PCI SSC Unviels new tools for small, midsize merchants 

Visa, Wal-Mart move to speed up chip card transactions 

A New Norm: The migration to EMV is resulting in a rise in semi-integrated point-of-sales systems

Losses from fraud mount: 94% increase over 2014 losses. Next target is small businesses and e-tailers. ISO's and Agents aren't doing enough to educate their merchants.

Fraud liablity shifts today, are your merchants EMV-ready?

Why the new chip credit cards aren't safer - yet

A good local article in the Skokie edition of Trib Local:

"Aging credit card tech could cost local business"

Network executives (within major card networks) tout EMV Chip Card Progress in the Wake of Merchant Liability

PayPal Eyes a Growing Market for Cash Advances to Credit-Starved Internet Merchants

10  Essential Selling Principles Most Salespeople Get Wrong

Tools to enhance ISO operations and sales

There are now 180.6 million Visa-branded chip cards in the U.S. with 57% of them credit cards. Read more at:

Dip or swipe? More retailers expected to get on board with chip cards in 2016

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