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PIN Pad Encryption/Injection

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Product Description

PIN Pads must be physically encrypted with an 'Injection Key' to take debit pin numbers and EBT cards.

The correct injection key will be provided by your bank or processor's technical support department. Also, previously injected equipment sometimes have the injection key information on the back of the PIN Pad or terminal.

Please tell your customer care representative what injection you require.

For online orders, please note the injection in the 'notes' section of the check-out screen. If you have any questions please call us at 1-877-298-6939.

We inject for the following processors, if you are unsure please call your processor for the correct injection key.

Note: We use the words “encryption” and “Injection” interchangeably.

We can provide encryptions for almost all processors.

Here are the names of the main processors:

First Data

Global Payments

Heartland Payments